At Pace Contracting we are committed to sustainable design and building practices, not simply to receive a certificate, but because we fully believe that more sustainable design practices improve the functionality, tenant comfort, and aesthetic value of our projects, and it benefits the communities that we're a part of.  

Additionally, we understand the value of the USGBC and the LEED Ratings and Certification system.  They have promoted sustainable practices in our industry innumerably and provided designers and builders a system to benchmark their sustainable practices with.  At Pace we not only have LEED Accredited staff but our Leaders are LEED Accredited Professionals.  Achieving the highest LEED Certifications possible for our clients is a top down effort, and we offer the expertise to guide our clients through the challenging process from project inception to final certification.

Our clients can expect unrivaled service from planning the LEED Scorecard and determining the target certification level, registration and certification costs, to material selections, design and construction cost impacts, life cycle cost analysis, construction administration, commissioning, and achieving project certification.



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