Centennial Lawrence Trailhead


Centennial Lawrence Trailhead

Pace constructed a new park and trailhead as well as new trail lighting and street and intersection improvements with a new traffic signal bridge for the City of North Las Vegas.  This project was completed a week ahead of schedule, and Pace was able to return nearly ten-thousand dollars to the City after completing the project under budget. Pace also worked with the City to provide an upgrade to the entire facility's site lighting package with LED fixtures that will save the City of North Las Vegas tens-of-thousands of dollars over the life of the project. Thanks to superb teamwork between Pace, the City of North Las Vegas, Southwick Landscape Architecture, and Atkins, this project was a great success.

The park/trailhead included a landscaping, playground equipment, climbing structures, retaining walls, landscaping and irrigation, shade shelters, picnic areas, a new restroom and parking facilities.  Pace also provided a grading/drainage improvements, utilities, half street frontage, and public streets. Pathways, signage, and lighting were also added to enhance the park’s aesthetics.  Pace connected the regional trail by using a traffic signal bridge at the intersection of Centennial Parkway and Lawrence Street.

Other Info

City of North Las Vegas

Southwick Landscape Architecture/Atkins

Las Vegas, NV

$1-5 Million

Four Months

Date Completed:
September 2012



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